Galaxies & Cosmology & Stars & Planets Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Mon 01/25/2021
  1. Takahiro Morishita (Space Telescope Science Institute)
  2. Danielle Berg (UT Austin)
  1. (G)old mining in high-redshift galaxies: Application of SED fitting in the era of JWST
  2. Bridging Galaxy Evolution Across Cosmic Time With the CLASSY Survey
Mon 02/01/2021
  1. Andrea Dupree (CfA)
  2. Rachel Matson (US Naval Observatory)
  1. The Mysterious Great Dimming of Betelgeuse
  2. Speckle Imaging of Exoplanet Host Stars
Mon 02/08/2021
  1. Anna Wright (Johns Hopkins)
  2. Alex Lazarian (UW Madison)
  1. The Formation of Isolated Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Romulus25
  2. New Ways of Magnetic Field Tracing: Implications for ISM, Cluster of Galaxies and CMB polarization studies
Mon 02/22/2021
  1. Kristopher Klein (University of Arizona)
  2. Elisabeth Matthews (University of Geneva)
  1. Plasmas Far from Equilibrium
  2. Probing exoplanet populations and their evolution with debris disk observations
Mon 03/01/2021
  1. Jordan Mirocha (McGill University)
  2. Bryan Terrazas (CfA)
  1. A hybrid approach to modelling galaxies and reionization
  2. Modeling H-alpha emission from a simulated galaxy with black hole winds
Mon 03/08/2021
  1. Jennifer Yee (CfA)
  2. Somayeh Khakpash (Delaware)
  1. Recent Results from KMTNet
  2. Classifying High-cadence Microlensing Light Curves
Mon 03/15/2021
  1. Max Gronke (Johns Hopkins)
  2. Kirit Karkare (University of Chicago)
  1. Down the Rabbit Hole: Cold Gas Convergence in Cosmological Simulations
  2. Cosmology with Next-Generation Millimeter-wave Spectrometers
Mon 03/22/2021
  1. Athira Menon (University of Amsterdam)
  2. Steven Greybush (Penn State)
  1. Massive contact binaries in the Magellanic Clouds
  2. The Atmosphere and Weather of Mars: Insights from Spacecraft, Models, and Reanalysis
Mon 03/29/2021
  1. Rebecca Nevin (CfA)
  2. Anna McLeod (Durham University)
  1. Galaxy Kinematics (will be updated)
  2. Feedback from massive stars in the resolved Universe
Mon 04/05/2021
  1. Jessica Spake (Caltech)
  2. Thomas Mikal-Evans (MIT)
  1. Helium in exoplanet atmospheres
  2. Exoplanet atmosphere characterization with Hubble
Mon 04/12/2021
  1. GyuChul Myeong (CfA)
  2. Ryan Sanders (UC Davis)
  1. Substructures of the Milky Way Halo
  2. Galaxy Growth and Baryon Cycling Over the Past 12 Billion Years
Mon 04/19/2021
  1. Giacomo Beccari (ESO)
  2. Christina Hedges (NASA Ames Research Center)
  1. Filamentary relicts of star formation discovered by Gaia
  2. TBD
Mon 04/26/2021
  1. Samir Salim (Indiana University)
  2. Lauranne Lanz (The College of New Jersey)
  1. Emission line diagnostic diagrams for AGN in SDSS
  2. Uncovering the AGN in Post-Starburst Galaxies
Mon 05/03/2021
  1. Daniel Yahalomi (Columbia University)
  2. Jared Goldberg (UC Santa Barbara)
  1. Simulating Roman Astrometry of Terra Hunting Stars
  2. Inferring Explosion Properties of Type IIP Supernovae from Red Supergiants