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Galaxies & Cosmology & Stars & Planets Seminars

Date Speaker Title
2021-01-25 Takahiro Morishita Zoom (G)old mining in high-redshift galaxies: Application of SED fitting in the era of JWST
2021-01-25 Danielle Berg Bridging Galaxy Evolution Across Cosmic Time With the CLASSY Survey
2021-02-01 Andrea Dupree The Mysterious Great Dimming of Betelgeuse
2021-02-01 Rachel Matson Speckle Imaging of Exoplanet Host Stars
2021-02-08 Anna Wright The Formation of Isolated Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies in Romulus25
2021-02-08 Alex Lazarian New Ways of Magnetic Field Tracing: Implications for ISM, Cluster of Galaxies and CMB polarization studies
2021-02-22 Kristopher Klein Plasmas Far from Equilibrium
2021-02-22 Elisabeth Matthews Debris disks & long period exoplanets
2021-03-01 Jordan Mirocha A hybrid approach to modelling galaxies and reionization
2021-03-01 Bryan Terrazas Modeling H-alpha emission from a simulated galaxy with black hole winds
2021-03-08 Jennifer Yee Recent Results from KMTNet
2021-03-08 Somayeh Khakpash Classifying High-cadence Microlensing Light Curves
2021-03-15 Kirit Karkare Cosmology with Next-Generation Millimeter-Wave Spectrometers
2021-03-15 Max Gronke Down the Rabbit Hole: Cold Gas Convergence in Cosmological Simulations
2021-03-22 Steven Greybush The Atmosphere and Weather of Mars: Insights from Spacecraft, Models, and Reanalysis
2021-03-22 Athira Menon Massive contact binaries in the Magellanic Clouds
2021-03-29 Rebecca Nevin How to best identify merging galaxies: Expanding the toolkit to include stellar kinematics
2021-04-05 Jessica Spake Helium in exoplanet atmospheres, and WASP-107b's comet-like tail
2021-04-05 Thomas Mikal-Evans Assessing detectability of Archean biosignatures with JWST
2021-04-12 Ryan Sanders Evolution of Galaxy Chemical Abundances and Baryon Cycling Over the Past 12 Billion Years
2021-04-19 Christina Hedges How to get color photometry from a black and white telescope
2021-04-19 Giacomo Beccari The Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters: the Gaia Revolution
2021-04-26 Samir Salim Physical Drivers of Emission Line Diversity of SDSS Seyferts and LINERs
2021-04-26 Lauranne Lanz Puzzling out the Nature of AGN in Post-Starburst Galaxies
2021-05-03 Daniel Yahalomi Optimizing an Observing Plan for Roman Astrometry of Terra Hunting Stars to Determine P(Jupiter|Earth)
2021-05-03 Jared Goldberg Understanding Red Supergiants and the Type IIP Supernovae They Cause