High Energy Phenomena Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Wed 09/19/2018
  1. Akos Bogdan (CfA)
  2. Gabriella Alvarez (CfA)
  1. Exploring the missing baryons using absorption studies
  2. Clusters on the Edge: The Interface Between Galaxy Cluster Outskirts and Large-Scale Intercluster Filaments
Wed 09/26/2018
  1. David Sobral (University of Lancaster)
  1. Exploring the early Universe with the largest emission-line surveys from z~2 to z~8
Wed 10/10/2018
  1. Yu Qiu (Georgia Tech )
  2. Yvette Cendes (University of Toronto)
  1. The Interplay of Radiative and Kinetic Feedback in Galaxy Clusters
  2. Radio Observations of Nearby Intermediate-Aged Supernovae
Wed 10/17/2018
  1. Cecilia Garraffo (CfA)
  2. Daniel D'Orazio (CfA)
  1. Magnetic Complexity and the CV Period Gap
  2. A multi-frequency, multi-messenger approach to accessing the origin of the LIGO events
Wed 10/31/2018
  1. Daisuke Nagai (Yale)
  1. Multi-band HD Cluster Cosmology: a New Frontier for Cosmology and Astrophysics
Wed 11/07/2018
  1. Rahul Kannan (CfA)
  2. Rozenn Boissay Malaquin (MIT)
  1. Modeling the effect of radiation fields in the Universe
  2. Relativistic Components of the Ultra-fast Outflow in the Quasar PDS 456 from Chandra/HETGS, NuSTAR and XMM-Newton Observations
Wed 11/14/2018
  1. John Dickey (University of Tasmania)
  2. Urmila Chadayammuri (CfA)
  1. HI in the Small Magellanic Cloud: Excitation, Dynamics, History and the Future
  2. Pre-heating or disruption? The role of AGN vs mergers in disrupting the cool core in RomulusC
Wed 11/28/2018
  1. Jonathan Davies (Liverpool John Moores University)
  2. Stephen Walker (NASA)
  1. Black hole growth and the gas content of dark matter halos
  2. Unraveling the physics of the intracluster medium with cold fronts
Wed 12/05/2018
  1. Francois Mernier (Eötvös University)
  2. John ZuHone (CfA)
  1. Metals in galaxy clusters, groups, and giant elliptical galaxies hot atmospheres: recent improvements and current challenges of X-ray observations
  2. Merging Clusters of Galaxies with Self-Interacting Dark Matter: Effects on the X-ray Emitting Plasma
Cancelled, SAO will be closed.
Wed 12/12/2018
  1. Christine Done (Durham)
  1. The first quasars in the early universe