High Energy Phenomena Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Wed 01/22/2020
  1. James Steiner (CfA)
  2. Paul Hemphill (MIT)
  1. A NICER Look at Bright X-ray Binaries
  2. Accretion in Ultracompact X-ray Binaries: Towards a Unified Picture of 4U 1626-67
Wed 01/29/2020
  1. Roger Blandford (KIPAC)
  1. Black Hole Ergomagnetospheres, Electromagnetic Jets and Ejection Disks
Wed 02/05/2020
  1. Ofer Cohen (Umass Lowell)
  2. Mackenzie Jones (CfA)
  1. The Space Environment of TOI700-d
  2. Large-scale extended hard X-ray emission in NGC 7212
Wed 02/12/2020
  1. Bart Ripperda (Flatiron & Princeton)
  2. Andra Stroe (CfA)
  1. Magnetic reconnection and plasmoid formation in black hole accretion flows
  2. When Galaxy Clusters Collide: Shocking tales of structure formation
Wed 02/19/2020
  1. Brad Benson (University of Chicago)
  1. Surveys of the Cosmic Microwave Background and the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect with the South Pole Telescope
Wed 02/26/2020
  1. Valeriya Korol (University of Birmingham)
  2. Jingzhe Ma (CfA)
  1. Galactic astronomy with LISA
  2. Dusty galaxies and obscured AGN
Wed 03/04/2020
  1. Eva Laplace (University of Amsterdam)
  2. Kim Arcand & Kelly Williamson (CfA)
  1. Life and death of stars stripped in massive binaries: consequences for supernovae and gravitational-wave sources
  2. From Instagram to YouTube: Communicating Chandra Science via Social Media