High Energy Phenomena Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Wed 09/13/2017
  1. Piero Rosati (University of Ferrara)
  1. Exploring dark matter and primordial star formation with massive lensing clusters
Wed 09/20/2017
  1. Kathy Reeves (CfA)
  2. Henry (Trae) Winter (CfA)
  1. AstroStat Day: Statistical Properties of Solar Filament Eruptions
  2. AstroStat Day: Icarus Investigations: Finding Needles in 6 Petabyte Haystacks
Wed 09/27/2017
  1. Federica Ricci (CfA)
  2. Eric Miller (MIT)
  1. The BH mass - galaxy scaling relations in the local Universe: what is the role of type 2 AGN?
  2. The Power of High Resolution: Fast and Asymmetric Ejecta in the SNR N132D
Wed 10/04/2017
  1. Megan DeCesar (Lafayette College)
  2. Kristen Garofali (UW)
  1. Toward a Detection of Nanohertz-Frequency Gravitational Waves with Pulsar Timing Arrays
  2. Using High-Mass X-ray Binaries to Probe Massive Binary Evolution
Wed 10/11/2017
  1. Cristobal Petrovich (Univ. of Toronto)
  2. Douglas Burke (CfA)
  1. Merging black holes in non-spherical nuclear star clusters
  2. What is Chandra doing?
Wed 10/18/2017
  1. Richard Bower (Durham University)
  1. Black Holes: the Nemesis of Galaxy Formation
Wed 10/25/2017
  1. Malgosia Sobolewska (CfA)
  2. John Hughes (Rutgers University)
  1. High-energy emission of sub-kpc scale extragalactic jets and their environments.
  2. De reliqui stella nova in pede Serpentarii (On the remnant of Kepler's new star in Ophiuchus' Foot)
Wed 11/01/2017
  1. Elena Murchikova (Caltech)
  2. Nadia Blagorodnova (Caltech)
  1. The warm accretion disk around the Galactic Center Black Hole SgrA*
  2. UV spectroscopy of the tidal disruption event iPTF15af - connection to N-rich QSO?
Wed 11/08/2017
  1. Philip Cowperthwaite (CfA)
  2. Anna Rosen (Harvard)
  1. An r-Process Kilonova Associated With The Gravitational Wave Event GW170817
  2. Constraining the Hadronic Cosmic Ray Content of the Coma Galaxy Cluster
Wed 11/29/2017
  1. Sofia Moschou (CfA)
  2. Patrick Slane (CfA)
  1. Interfacing MHD and Kinetic Solar Wind Models
  2. Modeling Composite Supernova Remnants
Wed 12/06/2017
  1. Kate Alexander (CfA)
  2. Grant Tremblay (CfA)
  1. A Relativistic Jet in GW170817: The First Binary Neutron Star Merger Detected in Gravitational Waves
  2. Integral Field Spectropgraphs have quietly become really good
Wed 12/13/2017
  1. Eric Mandel (CfA)
  2. Thomas Aldcroft (CfA)
  1. Data Analysis Beyond the Desktop, or There and Back Again
  2. One month in the life of a Chandra Flight Director