Joint Quantum Sciences Colloquium Schedule

Date Speaker Title Webcast
Wed 01/30/2019
  1. Prof. Jelena Vuckovic (Stanford University)
  1. “Optimized quantum photonics”
Wed 02/13/2019
  1. Prof. Joachim Burgdoerfer (Technische Universität Wien)
  1. “Dynamical correlations beyond TDDFT: the TD-2RDM method”
Wed 02/27/2019
  1. Ignacio Cirac (MPQ)
  1. Quantum algorithms and simulation for quantum many-body systems”
Wed 03/06/2019
  1. Irfan Siddiqi, Berkeley
  1. “Weak Quantum Measurements: From Art to Architecture”
Wed 03/20/2019
  1. Lieven Vandersypen ( Delft)
  1. “Simulating Fermi-Hubbard physics with quantum dots”
Wed 03/27/2019
  1. Antoine Browaeys (University of Paris)
  1. “Artificial Rydberg matter and light scattering in the presence of resonant dipole-dipole interactions”
Wed 04/03/2019
  1. Masahito Ueda (University of Tokyo)
  1. “Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and many-body dynamics in open quantum systems”
Wed 04/17/2019
  1. Prof. Dave Schuster (University of Chicago)
  1. “Modular Superconducting Quantum Computing”
Wed 04/24/2019
  1. Prof. Umesh Vazirani (UC Berkeley)
  1. A quantum wave in computing”
Sun 05/05/2019
  1. Prof. Francesca Ferlaino (University of Innsbruck, IQOQI – Innsbruck)
  1. “Quantum Simulation with Ultracold Dipolar Atoms”