ITC Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Thu 01/31/2019 Eugene Chiang (Berkeley) Planet Formation Post-Kepler
Thu 02/07/2019 Ann-Marie Madigan (UC Boulder) The Importance of Being Eccentric
Thu 02/14/2019 Doug Finkbeiner (Harvard) Towards more robust and explainable neural nets: Beyond the black box
Thu 02/21/2019 Amina Helmi (Groningen) New views on the Galaxy and its satellites from the Gaia space mission
Thu 02/28/2019 Jillian Bellovary (AMNH) Black Holes in Simulated Dwarf Galaxies
Thu 03/07/2019 Chris Kochanek (The Ohio State University) TBD
Thu 03/14/2019 Dan Scolnic (KICP) TBD
Thu 03/28/2019 Leslie Rogers (U Chicago) TBD
Thu 04/04/2019 Jennifer Barnes (Columbia) TBD
Thu 04/11/2019 Lisa Randall (Harvard) TBD
Thu 04/18/2019 Silvia Toonen (Birmingham) TBD
Thu 04/25/2019 Debora Sijacki (Cambridge) TBD
Thu 05/02/2019 Mike Line (ASU) TBD
Thu 05/09/2019 Gil Holder (Illinois) TBD