ITC Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Thu 09/06/2018 Doug Lin (UCSC) Stellar Rejuvenation in Galactic Center and AGNs: Analog of Planet Formation in Gravitational Wave Sources
Thu 09/13/2018 Brant Robertson (UCSC) Modeling Galactic Outflows with Petascale Simulations
Thu 09/20/2018 David Weinberg (OSU) Decoding Chemical Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
Thu 09/27/2018 Elena D'Onghia (UW Madison) The Hercules Stream: resonant stars visiting the Solar vicinity
Thu 10/04/2018 Matt Kunz (Princeton) Cosmic Magnetism and Plasma Microphysics (or, I get by with help from my little friends)
Thu 10/11/2018 Adrienne Erickcek (UNC Chapel Hill) Illuminating the Early Universe with Dark Matter Minihalos
Thu 10/18/2018 Alycia Weinberger (Carnegie DTM) Circumstellar Disk Diversity and Clues to Planet Formation
Thu 10/25/2018 Jim Fuller (Caltech) TBD
Thu 11/01/2018 Nick Gnedin (FNAL Fermi Lab) TBD
Thu 11/08/2018 Dan Foreman-Mackey (CCA Simons Institute) TBD
Thu 11/15/2018 Alyson Brooks (Rutgers) TBD
Thu 11/29/2018 James Owen (Imperial College London) TBD
Thu 12/06/2018
Thu 12/13/2018