ITC Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Thu 01/30/2020
  1. Martin Lesourd (Black Hole Initiative, Harvard University)
  2. Fabio Pacucci (CfA)
  1. Mathematics of Black Holes
  2. Searching for a Potentially Missing Population of Lensed z > 6 Quasars
In Phillips!
Thu 02/06/2020
  1. Mario Jurić ((U of Washington))
  1. Minimoons to Planet X: Mapping Solar System Populations with ZTF and LSST
Thu 02/13/2020
  1. Amaya Moro-Martin (STScI)
  1. Interstellar objects and their potential role in planet formation
Thu 02/20/2020
  1. Christoph Weniger ( (GRAPPA, U Amsterdam))
  1. Uncovering Dark Matter with Compact Objects and Automatic Differentiation
Thu 02/27/2020
  1. Kim-Vy Tran (University of New South Wales)
  1. ZFOURGE & MOSEL : Tracking Galaxy Growth at Cosmic Noon
Thu 03/05/2020
  1. Shy Genel (Flatiron Institute)
  1. Angular Momentum on Galactic Scales: The Roles of Initial Conditions, Non-linear Evolution, and Randomness
Thu 03/26/2020
  1. Barbara Ercolano (University Observatory Muenchen)
  1. The dispersal of planet forming discs and its role on the formation and evolution of planets
Thu 04/02/2020
  1. Ivan Cabrera-Ziri
  1. Changing the paradigm of globular cluster formation
Thu 04/09/2020
  1. Hsin-Yu Chen (BHI)
  1. Gravitational-wave observations from quarks to the Universe
Thu 04/16/2020
  1. Mohammad Safarzadeh (ITC)
  1. Binary neutron stars and r-process enrichment: past, present, and the future
Thu 04/23/2020
  1. Sandro Tacchella (CfA)
  1. Regulation of star formation and decoding the variability of star formation
Thu 04/30/2020
  1. Sownak Bose (ITC)
  1. Small is Powerful: using small-scale structure for big-scale questions
Thu 05/07/2020
  1. Carl Rodriguez (ITC)
  1. The Lives and Deaths of Star Clusters, and the Gravitational Waves They Make Along the Way