ITC Colloquium Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Thu 01/25/2018 Eric Peng (Peking University) Inside the Belly of the Beast: Globular Clusters, Dwarfs, and the Build-up of Massive Galaxies
Thu 02/01/2018 Chris McKee (Berkeley) How Stars Form
Thu 02/08/2018 Michael Joyce (Paris) Dark matter clustering in the dissipationless limit
Thu 02/15/2018 Wyn Evans (Cambridge) The Smooth and the Rough
Thu 02/22/2018 Christoph Pfrommer (AIP) How cosmic rays shape galaxies and galaxy clusters
Thu 03/01/2018 Volker Springel (HITS) Supercomputer simulations of the emergence of cosmic structures
Thu 03/08/2018 Eric Keto (CfA) Accretion physics in high mass star formation
Thu 03/22/2018 Xin Liu (UIUC) Supermassive binary black holes: current observations and future prospects
Thu 03/29/2018 Eliza Kempton (Grinnell College) Revealing the Atmospheres of Extrasolar Super-Earths
Thu 04/05/2018 Jenny Greene (Princeton) Going wide and deep with the Hypersuprime Camera Survey
Thu 04/12/2018 Juna Kollmeier (Carnegie) SDSS-V: Pioneering Panoptic Spectroscopy
Thu 04/19/2018 Glenn Starkman (Case) An Uncooperative Universe
Thu 04/26/2018 Alexie Leauthaud (UCSC) Old Galaxies, New Surprises
Thu 05/03/2018 Ravi Sheth (UPenn) The tide is turning in large scale structure