2012 Observatory Night Video Archive

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image November 15, 2012 "Strange Planetary Vistas from Kepler," Josh Carter, CfA The study of extrasolar planets has recently entered its heyday with the launch of NASA's Kepler mission. Kepler has found that planetary systems are very common in our galaxy.
image September 20, 2012 "Hunting Alien Moons," David Kipping, CfA With NASA's Kepler space telescope now finding Earth-size planets, could it be possible to detect alien moons around distant worlds? So far no one has, but that doesn't mean they're not out there waiting to be spotted.
image May 17, 2012 "Mercury, Venus, and the Dance of the Planets," Owen Gingerich, CfA For all of us, it's now or never to see Venus silhouetted against the face of the sun. On June 6 the goddess will transit the sun, a phenomenon not to be repeated until 11 December 2117.
image April 19, 2012 "Love, Fear, and Greed: Why We Should Go to the Asteroids," Martin Elvis, CfA Most people fear asteroids as a threat to life on Earth. Scientists' love of knowledge drives them to check out the material our planet grew from. And a few visionaries have argued that the mineral wealth in the asteroids is huge.
image March 15, 2012 "Happy Anniversary, Henrietta," Marcia Bartusiak One hundred years ago, at the Harvard College Observatory in 1912, Henrietta Leavitt discovered a new cosmic yardstick that allowed astronomers to at last measure the distance to very remote celestial objects.
image February 16, 2012 "The Life of Super-Earths," Dimitar Sasselov, CfA In 1543 Copernicus showed that our planet isn't the center of the universe. Centuries later, we know that just as Earth is not the center of things, the life on it is probably not unique either.
image January 19, 2012 "Solar Dynamics Observatory: Our Sun in High-Definition," Kelly Korreck, CfA The Sun provides the Earth with light and heat, but also blasts billions of tons of hot plasma into interplanetary space. Launched in 2010, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is exploring our closest star with the latest technology.

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