Sci-Fi Movie Nights

The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics will screen a classic science fiction film periodically throughout the year. The series will explore the idea that "everything we learned about science, we learned from the movies." Doors open at 6:30 pm; programs begin at 7:00 pm. (See below for location and directions.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009 "Quest for Fire," David Aguilar, CfA The setting: 80,000 years ago during the ice age in Paleolithic Europe. The story: Facing freezing and starvation, we join three Homo neanderthalensis tribesmen as they set out on their quest to steal more fire from a natural blaze or other primitive human beings. But what they are about to discover is the power that will eventually open the door for another species, Homo sapiens, to explore the farthest regions of the Universe. Rating: R
Thursday, October 22, 2009 "The Time Machine," David Aguilar, CfA Published in 1895, this novel by H.G. Wells introduced the concept of time travel and a new instrument called a "time machine." In a world powered by steam engines and dynamite, what might the future look like? Would it be a technological utopia or an unparalleled disaster? We've purposely picked the 1960's version of this film because it remains the most nostalgic portrayal of the world at the dawn of the 20th Century. Rating: PG
Friday, November 20, 2009 "Logan's Run," David Aguilar, CfA Lately we've heard heated debates about fictitious "death panels" in health care reform. But the brontosaurus in the tea house nobody wants to talk about is overpopulation. So Hollywood steps in and does it for us. Here we witness a dystopian future society that maintains equilibrium by demanding death of everyone upon reaching a certain age. And the hero of our story, why he's just about to have that very special last birthday! Rating: PG-13

Sci-Fi Movie Nights are held in the Phillips Auditorium of the Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge, about one mile west of Harvard Square. No reservations are necessary; however, seating is to the capacity of the auditorium. Entrance to the auditorium is at the west of the Center complex, near the Madison Street entrance and large parking lot. The Center also can be easily reached by public transportation. From the Harvard MBTA Station (Red Line), take any bus or trackless trolley going west on Concord Avenue (Arlmont Village and Belmont Center buses, Huron Avenue trolleys) and get off at "Observatory Hill." Additional directions are available.

For more information, including accessibility, or to sign up for the events mailing list, call the Public Affairs Office, (617) 495-7461 or email pubaffairs@cfa. Please request sign-language interpretation at least 2 weeks before the event. Current sky information is available.


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