1st photo - observing on rooftop at 60 Garden St

CfA's "Observatory Nights" series welcomes the public to attend—free of charge—a nontechnical lecture on astronomy on the third Thursday evening of each month. Other special events of astronomical interest are also presented during the year.

2nd photo - Phillips Auditorium, 60 Garden St

During the academic year, this CfA program invites leading researchers to Cambridge to present lectures on a wide variety of subjects in astronomy and astrophysics. CfA scientists participate both as speakers and as hosts for these events.

3rd photo - supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

The CfA sponsors a variety of workshops and conferences during the year for the scientific community. These programs are designed to provide unique opportunities to discuss recent research topics.

4th photo - cluster NGC 206 is located in M31

Talks on a wide variety of topics in astronomy, astrophysics, and related research bring speakers from the US and elsewhere to CfA's weekly discussions. Most talks are organized by CfA's science divisions.

5th photo - spiral galaxy formation simulation

CfA's schedule of colloquia, seminars, lunchtime talks, and other CfA and related events is posted every Friday—and updated as needed—for the following week.