Quasar Tea Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Fri 08/30/2019
  1. Andy Goulding
  1. Discovery of a close-separation binary quasar at the heart of a z~0.2 merging galaxy and its implications for low-frequency gravitational waves
Fri 09/06/2019
  1. Konstantinos Gourgouliatos (Durham University)
  1. Centrifugal Instability in Astrophysical Jets
Thu 10/24/2019
  1. Johannes Buchner
  1. Special talk: X-ray spectral fitting methods and BXA
Fri 10/25/2019
  1. Smita Mathur (Ohio State)
  1. The changing-look quasars
Fri 11/01/2019
  1. Gene Leung (University of California San Diego)
  1. A census of AGN-driven ionized outflows at the cosmic high noon with the MOSDEF survey
Fri 11/22/2019
  1. Ryan Hickox (Dartmouth College )
  1. Uncovering the most heavily buried AGN