Quasar Tea Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Fri 09/14/2018
  1. John Silverman (University of Tokyo)
  1. AGN fueling with ALMA
Fri 09/28/2018
  1. David Sobral (Lancaster University)
  1. Emission-line sources and their super-massive black holes
Fri 10/05/2018
  1. no meeting
Fri 10/12/2018
  1. Belinda Wilkes (SAO)
  2. Joanna Kuraszkiewicz (SAO)
  1. ALMA Resolves the Stellar Birth Explosion in Distant Quasars 3C298
  2. Obscuration/orientation effects in the sample of medium redshift 3CRR AGN observed by Chandra
Fri 10/19/2018
  1. Peter Boorman ( University of Southampton)
  1. Constructing a Census of Growing Supermassive Black Holes - First Results from the NuLANDS Survey
Tue 10/23/2018
  1. Mitch Revalski (Georgia State University)
  1. Measuring the Impact of Mass Outflows in Nearby Active Galaxies
Fri 11/02/2018
  1. Chiara Feruglio (INAF-Trieste, Italy)
  1. AGN winds, feedback and the baryon cycle in the galaxy ecosystem
Fri 11/09/2018
  1. Sibasish Laha (University of California San Diego)
  1. The role of ionized and molecular outflows in quasar evolution.
Fri 11/30/2018
  1. Dan Schwartz (SAO)
Fri 12/14/2018
  1. Chris Done (Durham University)
  1. Quasar variability