Science Education Department Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title
Thu 01/11/2018
  1. Larry Bell (Museum of Science, Boston)
  1. From Public Understanding to Public Engagement: Fostering Dialogue about Science in Society
Thu 02/08/2018
  1. Dr. Susan Carey (Department of Psychology, Harvard University)
  1. Distinguishing Conceptual Construction from Knowledge Enrichment
Thu 03/29/2018
  1. Ginny Lamere and Kathy Marsh (Carlisle Public Schools)
  1. How One School Puts the "E" in STEM: An Overview of Engineering at Carlisle Public Schools
Thu 04/12/2018
  1. Chen Chen (CfA)
  2. Iva Markicevic (CfA)
  3. Jacob Abrams (CfA)
  4. Jais Brohinsky (CfA)
  1. The Effects of First Programming Language on College Students' Computing Attitude and Achievement: A Comparison of Graphical and Textual Languages
  2. She can do it; I can do it: Does Teacher Gender have an Impact on Students' Computer Science Attitudes
  3. The Evolution and Persistence of Homeschooled Students' Interest in STEM Careers
  4. Book Bits: An Activity for Teaching the Nature of Science
Thu 05/10/2018
  1. Philip Sadler (CfA)
  1. Planning a New General Education Course for Harvard Students: How the 12 Greatest Experiments Came To Be And How They Changed the World