SMA Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Fri 01/18/2019
  1. Dr. Sarah Sadavoy (CfA)
  1. From Cores to Disks: Probing the Initial Conditions for Stars and Planets
Fri 01/25/2019
  1. Jennifer Bergner (CfA)
  1. Tracing Chemical Complexity during Star and Planet Formation
Fri 02/01/2019
  1. Aneta Siemiginowska (CfA)
  1. The First 100 Parsecs of the AGN Radio Outflow
Fri 02/08/2019
  1. Mark Gurwell (CfA)
  1. Proposing to Use the SMA
Fri 02/15/2019
  1. Charles Lada (CfA)
  1. Star Birth and GMCs in the Andromeda Galaxy: Resolved SMA Measurements of Dust and Gas in the GMCs of M31