SMA Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Fri 09/13/2019
  1. Harshal Gupta (National Science Foundation)
  1. Detection of CCCH+ Toward W49N: Elucidating the Molecular Complexity of the Diffuse Interstellar Gas
Fri 09/20/2019
  1. Michael Mattern (Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy)
  1. Massive Filamentary Clouds and Their Role in Star Formation
Fri 09/27/2019
  1. Heshou Zhang (DESY)
  1. Cosmic Compass - First Tomography of an Outer 3d Sub-Gauss Field via Atomic Alignment
Fri 10/04/2019
  1. Christopher Moriarty (CfA)
  1. Profiling Python - A Real Life Example Applied to SMA's SWARM Correlator
Fri 10/11/2019
  1. Catherine Espaillat (Boston University)
  1. Revealing the Star–Disk–Jet Connection Using Multiwavelength Variability
Fri 10/18/2019
  1. Maite Beltrán (Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory)
  1. Resolving the Hourglass Magnetic Field in G31.41+0.31
Fri 10/25/2019
  1. Tyler Bourke (Square Kilometre Array)
  1. The Square Kilometre Array - Status and Science
Fri 11/08/2019
  1. Nicholas Kern (University of California, Berkeley)
  1. Data Analysis & Parameter Inference for 21cm Cosmology and the Effort to Detect the Epoch of Reionization with HERA
Fri 11/15/2019
  1. Chao Liu (University of Oxford)
  1. Developing Digital Receiver for Redshift Receiver using RFSoC