SMA Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker Title
Fri 09/07/2018
  1. Keping Qiu (Nanjing University)
  1. Observational Studies of Hot and Cold Cores in High-Mass Star Formation
Fri 09/21/2018
  1. Ian Stephens (CfA)
  1. Trying to Make Sense of Polarization Patterns in Circumstellar Disks
Fri 09/28/2018
  1. Trey V. Wenger (University of Virgina/NRAO)
  1. The Southern HII Region Discovery Survey
Fri 10/19/2018
  1. Andrew Burkhardt (CfA)
  1. Modeling and Observing Shock Chemistry in Isolated Molecular Outflows
Fri 10/26/2018
  1. John Dickey (University of Tasmania)
  1. Steps to the Polarization Horizon
Fri 11/02/2018
  1. Stephen Eales (Cardiff University)
  1. Wide-field Submm Surveys of the Nearby and Very Distant Universe
Fri 11/16/2018
  1. Qizhou Zhang (CfA)
  1. Probing Magnetic Fields with the Submillimeter Array