Stars & Planets Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Mon 09/17/2018
  1. S&P Speaker Extravaganza 4!
Mon 09/24/2018
  1. David Nataf (Johns Hopkins)
  2. Fei Dai (MIT)
  1. Clues to Globular Cluster Formation
  2. Stellar obliquities and magnetic activities from planetary transits
Mon 10/01/2018
  1. Brett Morris (Univ. of Washington)
  2. Kyle Bowen (Columbia Univ.)
  1. Magnetic Activity on Low Mass Planet Host Stars: From the Sun to TRAPPIST-1
  2. Laboratory Rate Coefficient Measurements for the Reactions of H3+ Isotopologues with Deuterium
Fri 10/12/2018
  1. Evan Bauer (UC Santa Barbara)
  2. Tim Milbourne (CfA)
  1. Mixing Disrupted Planetesimals into White Dwarf Surfaces
  2. The Sun as a Model for Stellar Activity
Special date due to holiday
Mon 10/15/2018
  1. Brandt Gaches (Univ. of Mass, Amherst)
  1. The Impact of Stellar Feedback on Astrochemistry
Mon 10/22/2018
  1. Trevor Bowen (UC Berkeley)
  2. Yao-Lun Yang (Univ. of Texas)
  1. Parker Solar Probe FIELDS: preparing for an encounter with a star
  2. Constraining the infalling envelope of embedded protostars: BHR71 and its hot corinos
Mon 10/29/2018
  1. Adrian Hamers (IAS)
  2. Fachreddin Tabataba-Vakili (JPL)
  1. Evolving orbits in planetary and stellar systems
  2. Long-term observations of circumpolar cyclones on Jupiter’s poles with Juno
Mon 11/05/2018
  1. Natasha Batalha (STSci)
  2. Joel Pfeffer (Liverpool John Moores University)
  1. Interpreting Terrestrial Exo-Atmospheres with JWST: Insights from Solar System Science
  2. The E-MOSAICS project: simulating the formation and evolution of galaxies and their globular cluster populations across full cosmic history
Fri 11/16/2018
  1. Jacob Jencson (Caltech)
  2. Sam Grunblatt (Univ. of Hawaii)
  1. Hunting for Hidden Explosions with SPIRITS
  2. Planetary Archaeology: A Search for Transiting Planets Orbiting Evolved Stars
Special date due to holiday.
Mon 11/19/2018
  1. Ben Rackham (Univ. of Arizona)
  2. Benjamin Pope (NYU)
  1. Disentangling Stellar and Planetary Signals in Transmission Spectra
  2. A Rapidly Rotating Supernova Progenitor in a Dusty Colliding Wind Binary
Mon 11/26/2018
  1. Allison Youngblood (NASA GSFC)
  2. Sophie Musset (Univ. of Minnesota)
  1. Observing Lyman alpha Emission from Exoplanet Host Stars
  2. Investigating high-energy solar phenomena with the FOXSI sounding rocket
Mon 12/03/2018
  1. Gioia Rau (NASA GSFC)
  2. Victoria Hartwick (Univ. of Colorado)
  1. Chromospheres of evolved stars: where UV high-resolution spectroscopy with HST/STIS meets optical interferometry with CHARA and VLTI
  2. Meteoric Smoke: A Source of High Altitude Ice Nuclei on Present Day Mars