Stars & Planets Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Mon 01/22/2018
Mon 01/29/2018
  1. Clara Sousa-Silva (MIT)
  1. Simulations of molecular spectra for detection of biosignature gases and other volatiles
Mon 02/05/2018
  1. Stars & Planets Seminar: Science Extravaganza 3!
Mon 02/12/2018
  1. Jing Luan (UC Berkeley)
  2. Aparna Bhattacharya (Univ. of Maryland/GSFC)
  1. DAVs: Red Edge & Outbursts
  2. Measuring Mass of Microlensing Exoplanets with High Resolution Follow-Up
Fri 02/23/2018
  1. Eileen Gonzales (CUNY)
  2. Daniella Bardalez Gagliuffi (AMNH)
  1. Understanding Subdwarfs via a case study of SDSS J1256-0224
  2. The True Ultracool Binary Fraction using Spectral Binaries
Special date due to holiday!
Mon 02/26/2018
  1. Thomas Bisbas (Univ. of Florida / Univ. of Virginia)
  2. Tiffany Kataria (JPL)
  1. Cosmic-ray induced destruction of CO in star-forming galaxies and implications for tracing H2 gas
  2. Weather on extrasolar worlds
Mon 03/05/2018
  1. Kyle Conroy (Vanderbilt University)
  2. Johanna Teske (Carnegie)
  1. Effects of Transverse Motion on Eclipse and Transit Times
  2. Two Tales of the Planet Finder Spectrograph
Mon 03/19/2018
  1. Eric Lopez (NASA Goddard)
  1. The Sub-Neptune Desert and its Dependence on Stellar Type: Controlled by Lifetime X-ray Irradiation
Special combined seminar with 2nd Boston Area Exoplanet Science Meeting.
Mon 03/26/2018
  1. Nicholeen Viall (GSFC)
  2. Aleida Higginson (GSFC)
  1. Diagnosing Coronal Heating with the Solar Dynamics Observatory and Novel Time Series Analysis
  2. The Dynamic S-Web Model for the Origin and Evolution of the Slow Solar Wind
Mon 04/02/2018
  1. Brian Svoboda (Univ. of Arizona)
  2. Daniel Thorngren (UC Santa Cruz)
  1. Starless clumps and the earliest phases of high-mass star formation in the Milky Way
  2. Bayesian Inference of Giant Planet Physics
Mon 04/09/2018
  1. Samuel Hadden (CfA)
  2. Keith Hawkins (Columbia Univ./Univ. of Texas at Austin)
  1. Dynamics of Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects Perturbed by Planet 9
  2. Galactic Archaeology in the Gaia Era
Mon 04/16/2018
Mon 04/23/2018
  1. Lindsay Glesener (University of Minnisota)
  2. Brendan Bowler (Univ. of Texas)
  1. Finding fainter flares: NuSTAR X-ray observations of the Sun and stellar objects
  2. The Origin and Demographics of Long-Period Giant Planets