Stars & Planets Seminar Schedule

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Date Speaker Title Special Note
Fri 09/06/2019
  1. S&P Science Extravaganza 5!
Note special Friday date due to holiday
Mon 09/09/2019
  1. Ronald Mennickent (University of Concepción)
  1. Evidence of a magnetic dynamo in some beta-lyrae type binaries
Mon 09/16/2019
  1. Samaporn (Kaew) Tinyanont (Caltech)
  2. Stephen Justham (Amsterdam)
  1. Insights into massive star explosions from infrared light
  2. Pair explosions from pair combinations: stellar merger paths to extra-ordinary supernovae
Mon 09/23/2019
  1. JJ Hermes (BU)
  2. Ylva Götberg (Carnegie)
  1. New physics from Gaia archaeology of white dwarf stars
  2. The impact of stars stripped in binaries over cosmic time
Mon 09/30/2019
  1. Laura Hayes (GSFC)
  2. Daniel Koll (MIT)
  1. Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares
  2. Are rocky exoplanets toast?
Mon 10/07/2019
  1. Giuliano Liuzzi (NASA Goddard)
  2. Joel Hartman (Princeton)
  1. Mars atmosphere spectroscopy with ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and the Planetary Spectrum Generator (PSG)
  2. Giant Planets Transiting Small Stars and Other Science Topics Explored by the HAT Project
Fri 10/18/2019
  1. Marissa Weichman (Colorado)
  2. Raquel Martinez (Texas)
  1. Rovibrational Quantum State Resolution of the C60 Fullerene
  2. Searching for Wide Companions and Identifying Circum(sub)stellar Disks through PSF-Fitting of Spitzer/IRAC Archival Data
Note special Friday date due to holiday. Seminar has been relocated to Pratt.
Mon 10/21/2019
  1. Emily Leiner (Northwestern)
  2. Romy Rodriguez Martinez (OSU)
  1. Insights in Binary Stellar Evolution from Observations of Blue Straggler-White Dwarf Binaries
  2. Searching for Hot Planets Around Hot Stars with the KELT Survey
Mon 10/28/2019
  1. Tijs Karman (CfA)
  2. Leslie Looney (Illinois)
  1. Collision-induced absorption in atmospheric gases
  2. Where’s the Flux? Resolved Circumstellar Disk Dust Polarization
Mon 11/04/2019
  1. Diana Powell (UC Santa Cruz)
  2. Trevor David (Flatiron Institute)
  1. Using Dust Grain Aerodynamics to Weigh Protoplanetary Disks
  2. Four newborn planets transiting the young solar analog V1298 Tau
Fri 11/15/2019
  1. Asmita Bhandare (MPIA)
  2. Brett McGuire (NRAO)
  1. Zooming in on the early stages of star and disk formation
  2. PAHs and Carbon Chemistry at the Earliest Stages of Star Formation: A New Paradigm in Astrochemistry
Note special Friday date due to holiday. Seminar has been relocated to Pratt.
Mon 11/18/2019
  1. Will Armentrout (Green Bank Observatory)
  2. Aleksandra Kuznetsova (Michigan)
  1. The Most Distant Galactic High-Mass Star Formation
  2. Becoming Protoplanetary: Disk Formation from the Top-Down
Mon 11/25/2019
  1. Melinda Soares-Furtado (Princeton)
  2. Maryame El Moutamid (Cornell)
  1. Probing the Bulk Composition of Exoplanets with Engulfment Events
  2. Evidence of differential rotation inside Saturn from waves of its rings
Mon 12/02/2019
  1. João Mendonça (Technical University of Denmark)
  2. Patrick Mullen (Illinois)
  1. Exploring the Climate of Exoplanets with OASIS
  2. Magnetized Models of Moon-Forming Giant Impacts
Mon 12/09/2019
  1. James Jackman (University of Warwick)
  2. Todd Mooring (Harvard EPS)
  1. The biggest flares from the smallest stars with NGTS
  2. Transient Eddies in the Martian Atmosphere: Modulation by the Mean Flow