About FLWO

Located near Amado, Arizona, on Mount Hopkins, the Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory has the following facilities:

MMT icon MMT
The 6.5-meter MMT (256-inch), a joint facility operated with the University of Arizona, for solar system, galactic and extragalactic astronomy.
1.3-meter (51-inch) PAIRITEL (Peters Automated IR Imaging Telescope, ex-2MASS) reflector, for infrared observations, especially of gamma-ray bursts, supernovae and other variable sources.
HAT icon HAT
The HAT (Hungarian Automated Telescope) network of optical refractor telescopes, used for robotic observations of the night sky.
MEarth icon MEarth
MEarth is a transit survey of about 2000 nearby M-dwarf stars. It is a fully robotic system with 8 independent 0.4m-diameter reflectors that monitor these stars every night.
An array of four 12-meter reflectors for gamma-ray astronomy in the 50GeV-50TeV energy range.

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