CDP Facilities Management

Cambridge Discovery Park (CDP) is located at 100 Acorn Park Dr., Cambridge, MA 02140. The SAO Cambridge Discovery Park Facilities and Maintenance contact is William (Bill) Duggan, who is SAO's liason to Bulfinch Inc. and all preventative maintenance and inspection reports for CDP.

  • CDP Shuttle (Paul Revere Transportation)
  • CDP Security (Security Specialist)
  • Security Access Cards
  • Office Keys
  • Parking
  • Moving office to and from CDP
  • Fire Drills
  • Janatronics Night Cleaners/Day Porter
  • Special cleaning requests
  • Recycling (EOMS)

Maintenance; including contracts for:
  • HVAC (heating & cooling issues)
  • Electrical Systems
  • Fire Alarms and Fire Suppression Systems
  • Gas Generator
  • UPS Back Up Systems
  • Inergen Systems (CF)
  • Lighting System
  • Liebert Cooling System

CDP Facilities Contacts:
For emergencies and questions regarding CDP issues, please contact:
  • Bill Duggan: (W) 617-496-5729 (C) 617-780-8631
  • Back up Michael McIsaac: (W) 617-495-7318 (C) 617-823-3959

For immediate emergency services only in the absence of Bill and Mike, CDP onsite Bulfinch Inc. contact is:
  • Steve Berry: (C) 617-590-2742

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