FM: Department Function by Staff
Name Job Description
Anil Asser Supervisor - Payroll and Contracts & Grants Billing, Corrected Timecard & Comptime/Overtime/Holiday Work Approver, webTA Account Key Set-up, GL Specialist, Lead Audit Support, ERP Data Migration, SAO Legacy Systems Programmer, FMD Website Administrator
Anna Schulte Proposal Budget Review and Approval, 533 Reporting Review, Financial Closeout for Contracts & Grants Awards, Monitors IR&D and Proposal Prep Budget & Expense, Audit Support
Emily Wu Systems Support for Concur, GovTrip & Centrally Billed Travel Distribution, MS-Project Schedules for Earned Value Management Systems
Erica Sohl Supervisor - Financial Analysis and Facilities Management, Incurred Cost Report, Forward Pricing Submission, Lead Coordinator for Overhead Budget Allotments, Proposal Budget Review and Approval, Compliance Review for Allowability and Use of Trust and C&G Funds, Lead DCAA Audit Support, Corrected Timecard Approver, Timecard Audit Support, Requisition Review and Approval
Hilda Campbell Contracts & Grants Sponsored Billing, Customer/Sponsor Set-up, Accounts Receivable Inquires, AR Reconciliation, Monitor and Reconcile Sponsor Cash-On-Hand Balances
Janis Panttila Lead Coordinator for Federal & Endowment Budgets and Spending, Compliance Review for Allowability and Use of Federal & Endowment Funds, Federal Project ID Set-up, Monitor and Schedule Stipend Payments (Incl. Financial Statement/1042-S Reporting)
Jessy Jauw Systems Support for Conference Registration/CyberSource, webTA (Incl. CE Account Key Set-up), PeopleSoft-HRMS, Grants, GL, Financial Reporting & Earned Value Management Systems
Karen McLaine Department Manager
Karl Colimon Shipping and Receiving
Kathleen Entler Supervisor - Administrative Information Systems Group, Coordinate SAO Participation in Smithsonian ERP Implementation, Systems Support for Concur, webTA, Peoplesoft-HRMS, AR & Billing, GL, Grants, Asset, Financial Reporting & Earned Value Management Systems
Kelly Hassett Shipping and Receiving
Linda MacKenzie Office Assistance for Filing, Reviewing and Sorting Documents
Lynne Nee Process and Review Rent & Communication Charges, Miscellaneous Billing & Receivables (Incl. Sponsored Travel & Harvard Rebill)
Marcia Newberry Review Chartfields and Budget Check Requisition, Review and Approve Petty Cash Reimbursement, Review and Certify Travel Authorization, Process Cash & Check Deposits, FMD Time Keeper
MaryAnn Visniewski Systems Support for Concur, GovTrip & Centrally Billed Travel Distribution, PeopleSoft-Purchasing, Grants, Financial Reporting
Michael McIssac SAO Accountable Property Officer (Inventory & Disposition), Supervisor - Mail Services, Shipping & Receiving, Timecard Audit Support
Patricia Kennedy Process Accounts Payable (Incl. Harvard Invoices), Support for Audit & AP Inquiries
Patrick Plummer Shipping and Receiving
Phuong Nguyen Lead Account Reconciliation Support, GL Correction, PO Liquidation, International Wire Transfer/Foreign Draft, Proposal Budget Review & Approval
Ria Jauw Team Lead for Accounts Payable & Vendor Maintenance, AP & GL Corrections, PCard & Travel/TA Liquidations, PCard Reconciliation, Audit Support, Stipend Financial Statements/1042-S Tax Reporting
Sandra Louis-Jean Vendor Maintenance, Accounts Payable Error Log, PCard Budget Check, AP & GL Correction, PO Liquidation, Financial Closeout for C&G Awards
Siddhi Patel webTA Account Key Set-up, Payroll Inquiry & Report, Corrected Timecard Review, Timecard Audit Support, Peoplesoft Vendor Maintenance Approval, Stipend Financial Statements/1042-S Tax Reporting, Financial Closeout for C&G Awards
William Duggan CDP Facilities Manager, Parking Coordinator
**Vacant Process Accounts Payable, Fed-Ex Distribution and Petty Cash Voucher Payments

**Duties performed by the current vacant position are fulfilled by various staff above

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