FMD Forms

Please feel free to save some paper and download these forms to your local computer. You may email them out as attachments, or copy/paste the URL into an email.

  • **NEW!**Project ID Request Form PDF version.(pdf) Please download this form and open with Adobe as not all browsers will display the form correctly in the browser window
  • **NEW!**Overhead Recovery Waiver Form (formerly known as ASPO Waiver Form) PDF version.(pdf) All waiver requests will be reviewed by the Director's Office. A short justification is required for the waiver, including a description of the impact to SAO if the waiver is not approved. Also attach budgets that show 1) full indirect costs and 2) costs with waiver calculation. Please mail to Nancy Brickhouse.
  • Management Fee Waiver Form PDF version.(pdf)

  • Sponsored Travel Forms
  • Requirements and Procedures for Sponsored Travel Activity PDF version.(pdf)
  • Commitment Form Letter from Sponsor to SAO PDF version.(pdf)
  • Sponsored Travel Form is screen savable with Adobe Reader versions 7 and higher – select File>Save As and enter a new file name

  • Massachusetts State Tax Exempt Form PDF version.(pdf) SAO is a sales tax exempt entity in all US states except Arizona and Hawaii. Present this form when purchasing for all petty cash reimburseable expenses and Divisional/Departmental P-Card transactions.
  • PO Liquidation via Voucher Finalization Form PDF version. (pdf) This form is used to liquidate PO obligations via voucher finalization. This implies there is a voucher, or an expense, associated with the PO. Check the PO Activity Summary to see if there are vouchers associated. If there is no voucher activity, you must use the PO Liquidation via Change Order form found on Purchasing's site in order to liquidate the PO. Do not use either of these forms for requisitions (pre-encumberances).
  • SAO Petty Cash Voucher Form PDF version. (pdf) doc version. (MS Word) SI Miscellaneous Reimbursement Quick Reference Guide PDF version. (pdf)

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  • Whipple Observatory Petty Cash Voucher Form PDF version. (pdf) doc version. (MS Word) Petty cash voucher form for the Fred Lawrence Whipple Obervatory.
  • SI/SAO ERP Vendor Enrollment Form with supplemental EFT Form PDF version. (pdf) Please refer to this link for general guidelines and requirements. Note: All US based vendors (including all companies, no-fee consultants, Stipend recipients, and contracted consultants) must supplement the vendor enrollment form with an IRS W-9 form per SI-OC policy. Foreign vendors: please use the WIRE TRANSFER REQUEST form below to specify international banking information, DO NOT USE the supplemental EFT form packaged with the ERP Vendor Enrollment Form. Submit the ERP Vendor Enrollment form appended with the Wire Transfer Request form.
  • IRS W-9 Form PDF version. (pdf) Per policy by the Smithsonian Institution's Office of the Comptroller, all vendors with a US Tax ID Number (TIN) or a US Social Security Number (SSN) must supplement the vendor enrollment form with an IRS W-9 form.
  • Wire Transfer Request Form doc version. (MS Word) Please fill out the highlighted fields, and submit with the ERP Vendor Enrollment Form or the ERP Invitational Traveler Form.
  • SI-707 Property Transaction Form doc version. (MS Word)

  • SAO Department Proposal Form PDF version. (pdf) doc version. (MS Word)

  • SAO Division Proposal Form PDF version. (pdf) doc version. (MS Word)

  • SAO Summary Proposal Form PDF version. (pdf) doc version. (MS Excel)


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