FM: Property Management

The Property Management Officer is responsible for developing, implementing, and coordinating systems, policies, and procedures that assure the proper identification, control, reporting, custody, use, care, maintenance, and safeguarding of all property, Trust or Federal, acquired by SAO or in the custody of SAO. The Property Management Officer coordinates the annual inventory process for all SAO property, and assures that a final inventory is completed at the close of each contract or grant. The Property Management Officer prepares all reports related to property for each sponsor/ agency as required. The Property Management Officer serves as a liaison for SAO on property matters with SI, GSA, the Defense Services Administration, and sponsors of contracts and grants to SAO. The Property Management Officer designates, in writing, accountable officers who are responsible for the property under their care.

The Property Management Officer periodically establishes policies in writing that define the responsibilities of and provides instructions and guidelines for accountable officers. These guidelines contain definitions for the authorities involved in property management and for the categories of property ownership and custody at SAO. The guidelines also describe and define the possible methods of acquisition of property at SAO. Finally, the guidelines clearly define the responsibilities of each accountable officer from the receipt of the property to the release of their responsibility for the property. For more information, please see SAO Property Management Staff Handbook.

  • SI-707 Property Transaction Form doc version. (MS Word)

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