HEA: Missions: Gen-X: Astro2010

Activity white paper

Generation-X Technology Development Program R. Brissenden et al

Science white papers

The Formation and Growth of the First Black Holes B. Lehmer et al
Active Galaxies and Quasars M. Elvis et al
Supernovae and Their Consequences: Studies with the Generation-X Mission P. Slane et al
Accreting Binary Populations and ISM Evolution in Galaxies A. Zezas et al
X-Ray Studies of Stars and Planets with Ultrahigh Sensitivity and Resolution S. Wolk et al
Diffuse Baryonic Matter Beyond 2020 M. Markevitch et al

Technology white papers

Development of Low-Temperature Detectors For Generation-X and Other Missions Requiring High-Resolution, Large-Format, X-ray Detector Arrays S. Bandler et al
Active Pixel X-ray Sensor Technology Development for the Generation-X Wide-Field Imager M. Bautz et al
Generation-X Grating Array Technology Development R. McEntaffer et al

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