HEA: Missions: Gen-X: Mission Concept

Single spacecraft

  • 16 m-diameter deployable optic, ~50 m2 effective area
  • Piezo-electric control of optic figure on-orbit to achieve ~0.1" angular resolution
  • 60 m focal length with extendable optical bench
  • Mirror folds to fit within 10 m fairing dynamic envelope

Ares V launch vehicle

  • Ares V enables a simplified and more cost-effective mission concept
  • Deliver Gen-X directly to Sun-Earth L2
  • Spacecraft mass estimate of 22 Metric Ton (MT) well within Ares V 60 MT capability to L2

Ares V Stowed

Mission Parameters

Science requirements drive the mission parameters:

Parameter Baseline
Effective Area (@1 keV) 50 m2
Angular Resolution 0.1" HPD
Energy Resolution (@1 keV) E/dE=10,000
Background (0.5 - 2.0 keV) 0.004 cts/ks/arcsec2
Energy Range 0.1 - 10 keV
Field of View 5 arcmin radius
Time Resolution 50 ms
Count Rate Limit 100 cts/sec/pix
Sky Availability 90%
Calibration 3% absolute
Launch Vehicle and Orbit Ares V to Sun-Earth L2
Launch Date 2030+

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