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Astrophysics Strategic Mission Concept Study

The Generation-X Vision Mission (Talk) Committee on Science Opportunities Enabled by NASA's Constellation System Brissenden 2008-Feb-21
Future HEA Missions and Upcoming Decadal Survey AAS HEAD Brissenden 2008-Apr-02
Generation-X: a Mission Enabled by Ares V Ares V - Astronomy Workshop Brissenden 2008-Apr-26
Development of adjustable grazing incidence optics for Generation-X SPIE 2008 Astronomical Instrumentation Reid 2008-Jun-23
On-orbit adjustment calculation for the Generation-X X-ray mirror figure (Talk) SPIE 2008 Astronomical Instrumentation Schwartz 2008-Jun-23
Science with Generation-X (Poster) SPIE 2008 Astronomical Instrumentation Wolk 2008-Jun-23
The Generation-X Mission: Benefits of a Heavylift Capability (Talk) International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow Brissenden 2008-Oct-02
Generation-X telescope: Measurement of On-Orbit Adjustment Data Astronomical X-Ray Optics workshop, Prague CZ Schwartz 2008-Dec-05

Vision Mission Study

The Generation-X Vision Mission AIAA Anthology Chapter Brissenden 2006-Apr-05
Constellation-X to Generation-X: Evolution of large collecting area, moderate resolution grazing incidence x-ray telescopes to larger area, high resolution, adjustable optics SPIE 2004 Astronomical Instrumentation Reid et al. 2004-Jun
Generation-X: mission and technology studies for an x-ray observatory vision mission SPIE 2004 Astronomical Instrumentation Cameron et al. 2004-Jun

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