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Gen-X view of the Hubble Deep Field

  • Galaxies at z=1-3 show increased star formation rate and X-ray luminosity
  • For the Hubble Deep Field, Chandra detects only 17 galaxies in 2 Ms
  • Gen-X would detect most of the 3000 galaxies seen by HST including ~800 galaxies at z~3 having >=400 counts in 1 Ms
  • Gen-X will spatially separate XRB from the nuclear BH and spectrally separate hard XRB emission from hot gas to reveal the true SFR
Simulated Gen-X observation of the HDF

Galaxy Evolution and Populations

  • Gen-X sufficiently resolves the dominant X-ray binaries to allow X-ray Population Synthesis and study of galaxy evolution
  • Study chemical evolution with SNR enrichment of ISM to 10 Mpc
  • High resolution spectra of Fe, Si and O drives the requirement for energy resolving power ~ 103
200 Mpc (z=0.05) 6000 Mpc (z=1)
Simulated interacting galaxies

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