HEA: Missions: Gen-X: Technology Development

Telescope and Optics

Optics are the major driver in technology development. The key issues currently under study are:
  • Maintaining the mirror figure using on-orbit active control
  • Alignment of mirror modules
  • Mirror deployment during telescope activation at L2
  • Mirror Figure adjustment on-orbit

Science Instruments

  • XMS: Multiplexing microcalorimeter pixel array (1800x1800)
  • WFI: Active pixel imager (4000x4000)
  • XGS: Ruled transmission reflection grating

Spacecraft and Mission

  • Solar collector and thermal control system
  • Deployables: optical bench, sun shade
  • VM Study found s/c at TRL 4-6

Preliminary Technology Development Plan

We have defined a phased program comprised of four coordinated technology development activities for the optics, XMS, WFI and Gratings, under a management, science and mission system engineering task. Each of the four activities has defined technology demonstration "gates" which mark significant technology advances progressing toward technology readiness level 6 at the start of a Phase A flight mission. The overall program is structured around six Program Technology Gates (PTG-1..6) that integrate the optics and instrument technology development activities. PTG reviews verify that groups of gate reviews have been met, provide system-level decision points for down selects, and allow for updates of the requirement flow from science to technology implementation.

Technology Plan


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