HEA Heritage Missions: Suborbital Missions

rocket icon Extrasolar X-ray Astronomy Rockets
The X-ray astronomy team at American Science and Engineering, which later became the nucleus of the CfA's HEA group, discovered the first extrasolar X-ray source in 1962 using a sounding rocket. During the 1960s and 1970s, suborbital sounding rockets were the pioneering instruments used to study the X-ray sky until they were superseded by longer-lived orbiting observatories.

Launch Date Mission Rocket type PI
1960 Sep 27 AFCRL AA8.350 Nike AspGiacconiPayload failed
1961 Oct 14 AFCRL (unknown) Aerobee 150GiacconiRocket failed? or no launch?
1961 Oct 25 AFCRL AB3.351 Aerobee 150GiacconiPayload failed
1962 Jun 19 AFCRL AB3.352 Aerobee 150GiacconiSco X-1 Discovery
1962 Oct 13 AFCRL AC3.353 Aerobee 150Giacconi?
1963 Jun 11 AFCRL AC3.354 Aerobee 150Giacconi?
1964 May 27 AFCRL AD3.355 Aerobee 150Giacconi?
1964 Aug 29 NASA 4.122GG Aerobee 150Giacconi
1964 Oct 27 NASA 4.123CG Aerobee 150Giacconi
1965 Mar 17 NASA 4.63GS Aerobee 150Reidy,Giacconi
1965 Sep 22 NASA 4.147GG Aerobee 150Giacconi,Gursky
1966 Mar 8 NASA 4.148CG Aerobee 150Giacconi,Gursky
1966 Oct 12 NASA 4.149CG Aerobee 150Gursky
1967 Nov 20 NASA 4.228CG Aerobee 150Giacconi,Gursky
1968 Feb 2 NASA 4.261CG Aerobee 150Giacconi,Gursky
1968 Dec 7 NASA 4.264CG Aerobee 150Gorenstein
1970 Feb 7 NASA 4.262GG Aerobee 150Gursky,Vaiana
1970 May 26 NASA 4.316NG Aerobee 150Kondo,Romans (w. MSC)
1970 Jun 27 NASA 13.12CG Aerobee 150Gorenstein
1970 Sep 28 NASA 13.26CG Aerobee 150Kellogg
1972 Apr 1 NASA 13.27CG Aerobee 150Gorenstein
1972 Aug 5 NASA 13.30CG Aerobee 150Kellogg
1975 Mar 15 NASA 17.15UG Aerobee 350Gorenstein
1975 Dec 6 NASA 17.16UH Aerobee 350Gorenstein
1976 Jun 17 NASA 17.17UH Aerobee 350Gorenstein
1977 Jun 9 NASA 27.08UH Black Brant 8CGorenstein
1977 Jul 27 NASA 27.31UH Black Brant 8CGorenstein
1977 Oct 2 NASA 26.65IH-UH Aerobee 200AGorenstein + Spada (Frascati)
1978 Jan 10 NASA 25.012UH Astrobee FMurray
1978 Jul 20 NASA 25.037UH Astrobee FMurray
1980 Mar 22 NASA 25.047UH Astrobee FSchnopperSoft XRB
1981 May 4 NASA 27.058UH Black Brant 8CSchnopperSoft XRB
rocket icon Solar rocket missions

G. Vaiana began the series of solar X-ray rocket studies at AS/E; Leon Golub's group continues them today.

Launch Date Mission Rocket type PI
1968 Mar 15 NASA 4.209CS Aerobee 150Reidy,Vaiana
1968 Jun 8 NASA 4.263CS Aerobee 150Reidy,Vaiana
1969 Nov 4 NASA 4.283CS Aerobee 150Manko,Vaiana
1970 Mar 7 NASA 4.284CS Aerobee 150VaianaEclipse
1970 Nov 24 NASA 4.285CS Aerobee 150Vaiana
1972 Jul 10 NASA 13.28CS Aerobee 150Davis
1973 Mar 8 NASA 13.29CS Aerobee 150Vaiana
1973 Jun 2 NASA 13.97CS Aerobee 150Davis
1986 Oct 22 NASA 27.099US Black Brant 8CGolub
1988 Jun 23 NASA 36.035US Black Brant 9GolubNIXT
1989 Sep 11 NASA 36.052US Black Brant 9Golub
1991 Feb 22 NASA 36.070US Black Brant 9Golub
1991 Jul 11 NASA 36.087US Black Brant 9Golub
1993 Apr 12 NASA 36.099US Black Brant 9GolubNIXT
2000 Sep 5 NASA 36.151US Black Brant 9Golub
2001 Jun 21 NASA 36.199US Black Brant 9GolubTXI
rocket icon Non-astronomical American Science and Engineering rocket flights.

Some early AS/E rockets with particle detectors.

Launch Date Mission Rocket type PI
1963 Dec 9 AFCRL AC15.610 Astrobee 200ReidyIonization
1965 Mar 30 OAR 22-4 Blue Scout JrPaoliniRadiation
1967 Jun 13 NASA 14.297CE Nike ApacheWatersOGO-E detector

rocket icon Later American Science and Engineering Solar Rocket Missions

After the SAO HEA group was formed, solar physics rocket research continued at American Science and Engineering under John M. Davis and J. Daniel Moses. These flights are listed here for completeness.

Launch Date Mission Rocket type PI
1974 Jan 16 NASA 26.14CS Aerobee 200ADavis
1974 Jun 27 NASA 26.15CS Aerobee 200ADavis
1976 Sep 16 NASA 13.134CS Aerobee 170ADavis
1976 Nov 17 NASA 27.001CS Black Brant 8CDavis
1978 Jan 31 NASA 27.029CS Black Brant 8CDavis
1979 Nov 7 NASA 27.030CS Black Brant 8CDavis
1979 Nov 16 NASA 4.337CS Aerobee 150Davis
1981 Feb 13 NASA 27.050CS Black Brant 8CDavis
1985 Aug 3 NASA 21.094S Black Brant 5BDavis
1987 Aug 15 NASA 36.021CS Black Brant 9Moses
1987 Dec 11 NASA 36.038CS Black Brant 9Moses


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