SWS: Dr. Adrienne E. Crosier, Cheetah Biologist (SCBI)

Dr. Crosier has a BSc (1996) in Animal Science and a PhD (2001) in Physiology and Biotechnology from North Carolina State University.

Below is an excerpt from a Q&A with Dr. Crosier by The Washingtonian (a monthly magazine about living in Washington, DC).

As the cheetah biologist for the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Adrienne Crosier is just one of the few people who have access to the new litter of five cubs that were born May 28. Crosier, who joined the Smithsonian in 2001, talks about her favorite cub and what it's like working with six-year-old Amani, the very protective mother cheetah.

What responsibilities do you have as a cheetah biologist?

I am responsible for the breeding program here at the Front Royal SCBI campus. I also do all of the research on the cheetahs both here and with collaborating zoos and conservation institutions in North America and southern Africa. I help make management decisions about the offspring, like which animals should come into the collection and which should go out.

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