SWS: Dr. Cynthia C. Gilmour, Ecologist (SERC)

Dr. Gilmour received her BA in Biochemistry from Cornell University in 1980, and her PhD in Estuarine and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland in 1985.

She is the Director of the Microbial Ecology Lab. The studies the biogeochemical interactions between microbes and trace elements in nature.

Her research ranges from the cellular to the ecosystem level, and includes estuarine, marine, lacustrine, terrestrial and wetland ecosystems. Dr. Gilmour's area encompasses microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, trace metal chemistry, and analytical chemistry.

Much of the work concerns the biogeochemical cycle of mercury, particularly the production of methylmercury by natural bacteria. These studies provide information on the effective control of mercury pollution in the environment.

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