SWS: Dr. Katherine Ralls, Conservation Biologist (SCBI)

Dr. Katherine Ralls received a BA in Biology from Stanford in 1960, a MS in Biology from Radcliffe College in 1962, and a PhD in Biology from Harvard University in 1965.

She has long had broad interests in the behavioral ecology, genetics, and conservation of mammals, both terrestrial and marine. Since 1980, She has been most concerned with conservation biology, especially the genetic problems of small captive and wild populations and field studies of threatened and endangered mammals, including sea otters and San Joaquin kit foxes. Her practical experience with the conservation problems of a variety of endangered species has led to her interest in developing noninvasive techniques for studying these species as well as the development of decision-making tools and processes to achieve better policy and management decisions.

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  Image Dr. Ralls holding an award she received from the Zoological Society of London in 2006 Image Dr. Ralls in the field viewing sea otters.


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