SWS: Dr. Nucharin Songsasen, Reproductive Biologist (SCBI)

Dr. Songsasen received her DVM from Kasetsart University (Thailand) in 1988, her MSc in biomedical sciences (1993) and PhD in cryobiology (1997) from the University of Guelph (Canada).

She is a Reproductive Biologist at the Center for Species Survival at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. She is leading the Conservation of Rare Canids program. Her current investigations focus on (1) developing innovative technology to preserve fertility of wild canids, (2) understanding reproductive biology and establishing assisted reproductive technology to manage maned wolf, (3) determining the impact of human development on wild canids in Brazilian grassland, and (4) assessing ecological status and threats to wild dholes in Thailand. She also studies the causes of poor reproduction in captivity of the endangered whooping crane.

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