SWS: Dr. Marguerite A. Toscano, Quaternary Marine Geoscientist (NMNH)

Dr. Toscano received her MS in Coastal & Quaternary Geology from the University of Deleware in 1986, and her PhD in Marine Science from the University of South Florida in 1996.

Dr. Marguerite Toscano is a Quaternary Marine Geoscientist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, Department of Paleobiology, where she investigates paleobiologic and paleogeologic topics focused on fossil coral reefs and mangrove deposits of the Caribbean region. Her particular interests include coral reef and mangrove paleoenvironmental and paleogeologic reconstruction, paleoclimatology, accurate radiometric dating of organic deposits, Pleistocene and Holocene sea-level reconstruction from fossil reef and coastal wetland deposits, and calibration of geophysical sea-level models from in situ proxy data. She is currently working (with collaborators from SERC, STRI, SMS Fort Pierce, and interagency partners at DOI and NOAA) on a Level 2 Smithsonian Grand Challenges Project to advance the Smithsonian's MarineGEO coastal research network initiative, which involves upgrading the current sea level monitoring at five SI field stations in Panama, Belize, Florida, and Maryland. This effort includes installation of state of the art tide gauges and geodetic elevation control networks, as well as analyzing the existing tidal time series for each site to determine recent trends in sea level change as context for assessing the potential effects of predicted accelerations in sea-level rise on coastal processes and coastal ecosystems.

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