Collision-Induced Absorpton cross-sections
  Collision-Induced Absorption (CIA) cross-sections have now been added into the HITRAN compilation. The data come from different experimental and theoretical sources and have been cast into a consistent format and formalism.

  The CIA data have been placed on the anonymous ftp site at our lab. The sources and implementation of the data are described in the article “New section of the HITRAN database: Collision-Induced Absorption (CIA),” C. Richard, I.E. Gordon, L.S. Rothman, M. Abel, L. Frommhold, M. Gustafsson, J.-M. Hartmann, C. Hermans, W.J. Lafferty, G. Orton, K.M. Smith, H. Tran, J. Quant. Spectrosc. and Rad. Transfer 113, 1276-85 (2012).

To access the CIA data:
ftp to cfa-ftp.harvard.edu
  user = anonymous
  password = e-mail address
cd  /pub/CIA

  The organization and content of the files with the CIA data are described in a read me file at the top level of the CIA file folders. The collision pairs, spectral and temperature ranges are also presented in the table below. Please cite the article above as well as the original sources of data when using this database. In fact, we encourage users to read the original publications carefully because of the special aspects of CIA phenomenon.

We hope that you will find this new feature helpful in your research. Please let us know if you find any problems with the data, or on the contrary, if these data have improved your research results appreciably.

Table 1. Summary of the data that form the new CIA section of the HITRAN database
CIA contents