ITAMP Workshop on Quantum Thermodynamics

Friday, November 17, 2017

The workshop on Quantum Thermodynamics, organized by Ronnie Kosloff (Hebrew University & Fritz Haber) and Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler (University of Mainz), was held at ITAMP (10/30-11/1). Kosloff gave a Joint Quantum Sciences Seminar at the Harvard Physics department capping the workshop. This timely meeting addressed the subtle theoretical treatments and experimental probes of aspects of quantum mechanics and energy transfer in few-body, mesoscopic, and macroscopic systems. A recent Nature "news feature’’ (11/1/17) promoted the topic as well, including comments by Kosloff and workshop participant Raam Uzdin (Technion) [Nature 551, 20–22, (02 November 2017), doi:10.1038/551020a]. As usual, workshop talks are available on the ITAMP Youtube channel. Look for the “Quantum Thermodynamics” playlist.

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Credit: Johannes Rossnagel-Mainz