ITAMP Photogallery

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Panoramic of Plum Island

Outing on Plum Island, Newburyport on Sunday October 19, 2014:
A panoramic view of the beach on a chilly day

ITAMP group on the bridge

ITAMP group on the bridge at Plum Island

bridge at Plum Island

The bridge at Plum Island

Inside the cafe

Relaxing in the cafe

ITAMP Group outside the cafe, 2014

Group out side the Atomic Cafe in Newburyport

Group at the cafe

ITAMP group members warming up at the cafe

On the boardwalk at Plum Island

On the boardwalk at Plum Island

ITAMP Group Blume party, 2013

Doerte Blume's Farewell Gathering, Spring 2013:
Back Row, L to R: Susanne Yelin, Janine Shertzer, Guin-Dar Lin, Nicholas Lewkow, Tony Lee, Panos Giannakeas, Mikhail Lemeshko, Peter Schmelcher. Front Row, L to R: Doerte Blume, Swati Singh, Hossein Sadeghpour, Charles Mathy.

Alice Kalemkiarian
2012 ITAMP PostDocs

Farewell to Our Post Doctoral Fellows 2012:
L to R: Seth Rittenhouse, Elena Kuznetsova, Hendrik Weimer, Jerome Loreau and Johannes Feist

Alice Kalemkiarian
Johannes gets farewell gift.

Charles Mathy presenting Johannes with farewell gift

Alice Kalemkiarian