Topical Group: Frontiers in Open Quantum Systems and
Quantum Control Theory

August 1-7, 2010

AND August 8-14

Cambridge MA USA


Topics for discussion - First week (Monday, August 2nd, 2010)

New experimental opportunities - feedback control in dissipative systems

  • - superconducting CQED -> all electronic control
  • - optomechanics
  • - nanomechanics

What is the role of theory in lab control

  • - Now (has some theory result been widely applied?)
  • - In the future
  • - Attention to practical reality

Controllability of open quantum system (esp. non-markovian systems)

System identification

Dissipation/Errors in quantum simulation: do they (as well as the adopted model) affect the veracity of simulations?

Efficiency of quantum simulations: cost/overheads of measurement hinder the efficiency?

Generalization of "thermodynamics"? (mixed - pure state transitions)

  • What state transitions are permissible?

Uncertainty, flexibility, constraints, robustness of control strategies.
Understanding practicalities, constructing control pulses

What is the ultimate goal in this field?

What are the characteristics/challenges in room temperature quantum control?

Quantum control in bio-systems

Topics selected for further discussions: