Collisional calculations and non-LTE modeling of molecular hydrogen in astrophysical environments

June 13-17, 2005

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Phillip Stancil
(University of Georgia)
H. Sadeghpour 
Workshop Schedule

This workshop brought together the efforts from a number of groups to order to improve the ability to model molecular regions, in which the needs of data producers and data users was addressed. The calculations, performed by many of the participants, attempted to obtain data for as many rovibrational levels as possible with an emphasis on including the reactive channels (if H2-H) as well as dissociation. The calculations used the most accurate potential surface, numerical H2 wave functions, and performed at a fully close-coupled level with extensions to higher energies through classical trajectory calculations. Significantly, preliminary results were tested in PDR modeling codes as part of the working group activities. Issues of H2 chemistry, at a vibrationally resolved level, was also addressed.



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