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B2.5 Heralded magnetism in non-Hermitian atomic systems

B2.6 Magnetic ordering and dynamics of driven and dissipative spin systems

B8.1 Benchmark calculation of total cross sections for ionization-excitation of helium

C6.6 L\'evy flights in laser cooling of nuclear spins
C6.7 Nanoscale NMR Spectroscopy and Imaging of Multiple Nuclear Species

Dissipation as a resource for atomic binding and crystallization

D1.83 Nanoscale MRI with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond

D1.104 Scattering properties of strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons
D1.106 Probing quantum dynamics of strongly interacting spin ensembles

K1.50 Radiative association cross sections

K1.57 B-spline R-matrix with pseudostates calculations for electron collisions with atomic nitrogen

K1.81 A quantum network of clocks

K1.82 Quantum Error Correction for Metrology

M2.6 Exotic Phases of Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupled Dipolar Bosons

M4.4 Atom mediated sensing in a hybrid optomechanical system

M4.5  Quantum control for improved metrology

M5.2 Characterization of Rydberg-polariton bound states

M5.9 Two-photon adiabatic passage for excitation of Rydberg states

Q1.9  Resonant Coupling Between NV Centers and Dark Spins at the Surface of Diamond

Q1.84  Probing Magnetic Noise near a Conducting Surface with a Single Spin Qubit

Q1.85 Phonon-Induced Coupling and Intersystem Crossing in Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers 

Q1.86 Quantum optics in the solid state with diamond nanophotonics 45

Q1.87 A Nanophotonic Quantum Phase Switch with a Single Atom

Q4.1  Field-theoretical Study of the Bose Polaron - Challenges for Quantum Simulation with ultracold Atoms

Q4.2  Interferometric measurement of many-body topological invariants using polarons

Q4.9 Radio frequency spectroscopy of polarons in ultracold Bose gases