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"Ultrafast atomic and molecular physics with cutting-edge light sources:
New opportunities and challenges"
November 4-6 , 2013

at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas, USA


Brett Esry

Vinod Kumarappan

Marc Vrakking
Co-Sponsored by:

J.R. Macdonald Laboratory

Department of Physics
Kansas State University




This workshop brings together experimentalists and theorists working on strong-field, ultrafast laser interactions with atoms and molecules.  In particular, the workshop will focus on attosecond, few-cycle, and ultra-broadband pulses --- all rather broadly interpreted --- emphasizing what can be measured or controlled with them rather than their production.

This workshop also brings together a diverse group of researchers, including attophysicists, femtochemists, multidimensional spectroscopists, x-ray and FEL physicists, and those who have used half-cycle and shaped pulses on Rydberg systems. We aim for cross-fertilization from the more established of these disciplines to the newer ones to build on the hard won expertise already developed.