Joint Workshop with IAEA on Uncertainty Assessment for Atomic and Molecular Data

July 7-9, 2014

at ITAMP, Cambridge MA, USA


James  Babb

 Bastiaan J.  Braams

Klaus Bartschat
(Drake University)

H. Chung

Jonathan Tennyson
(University College London)

David Schultz
(University of North Texas)


This event will be webcast live at our YOUTUBE channel

The workshop will bring together experts working on electron collisions with atoms, ions, and molecules, heavy-particle collisions, and electronic structure of atoms and molecules (with structure viewed here as a prerequisite for collision calculations).  The primary goals are to come up with reasonable uncertainty estimates for calculations using the various methods of collision physics: perturbative, nonperturbative, time-independent, time-dependent, semi-classical, etc.  Generally, the workshop focus will be on theoretical atomic and molecular data relevant to fusion and astrophysical plasmas, where modeling codes mostly use theoretical atomic and molecular data for which assessments of accuracy are necessary. There will also be data users at the meeting, as well as those who manage databases.