Research Frontiers in Ultra-Cold Atoms and Molecules:

Unequal Mass Mixtures and Dipolar Molecules

April 23-25, 2012

at ITAMP, Cambridge MA, USA



Carlos A. R. Sa de Melo (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

Rudi Grimm (University of Innsbruck, Austria)


 Goal of the conference: Bring together scientists from several regions of the world to learn from each other and to discuss two of the main current frontiers of research in ultra-cold atoms and molecules: heteronuclear mixtures, dipolar molecules, and few-body physics.

The chosen topics cover current frontier research in ultra-cold atoms and molecules. They include the analysis of novel quantum phases, thermodynamic, and non-equilibrium phenomena which have direct connection to problems found in condensed matter physics, astrophysics and nuclear physics. The connections to condensed matter physics are particularly strong in the case of optical lattices, where ultra-cold atoms can simulate many known and possibly unknown condensed matter phenomena with incredible control. In addition, ultra-cold heteronuclear molecules can reveal completely new phenomena which are not possible to realize in standard condensed matter systems, due to the existence of their electric dipolar moments. Lastly, Efimov states and few-body physics, which are also relevant to nuclear physics, can be studied in mixtures of ultracold fermions or bosons under well controlled circumstances

Confirmed Speakers:

    Doerte Blume, Washington State University, "Two-component Fermi gases with equal and unequal masses"             
    Ippei Danshita, RIKEN, "Dipolar bosons in optical lattices: critical velocity and anomalous hysteresis"
    David DeMille, Yale University, "Laser cooling and slowing of diatomic molecule"
    Francesca Ferlaino, University of Innsbruck, "Exploring exotic quantum matter: Efimov states and Erbium"
    Stefano Gandolfi, Los Alamos National Lab, "Quantum Monte Carlo study of strongly interacting Fermi mixtures"
    Stefano Giorgini,
Universita di Trento, "BEC to BCS crossover in a 2D Fermi gas and polaron to molecule transition "
    Axel Goerlitz, Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf, "Towards dipolar molecules in Yb-Rb mixtures"
    Selim Jochim, University of Heidelberg, "Deterministic few-fermion quantum systems"
    Lev Khaykovich, Bar-Ilan Univ., "Finite range corrections to the lowest Efimov energy level - the experimental verdict."
    Charles Mathy,
Harvard University, "Quantum flutter of supersonic particles on one-dimensional quantum liquids"
    Yonko Millev, American Physical Society, "Physical Review Letters Editorial Talk"   
    Pietro Massignan,
Institute of Photonic Sciences, "The impurity problem at narrow s-wave and p-wave resonances"
    Francesco Minardi, LENS, "Dynamics of impurities in a one-dimensional Bose gas"
    Hanns-Christoph Naegerl,
Unive. Innsbruck,"Generation of ultracold samples of ground-state RbCs molecules an optical lattice"
    Pascal Naidon, RIKEN, "Universal crossover of 2 heavy + 1 light particle trimers"
    Yusuke Nishida, MIT, "Probing strongly interacting atomic gases with energetic atoms"
    Axel Pelster, Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern, "Dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates with Weak Disorder"
    Pierbiagio Pieri, University of Camerin ,"Mass Imbalance effect in Resonant Bose Fermi Mixtures"
    Guido Pupillo
, University of Innsbruck, "Trimer liquids and crystals of polar molecules in coupled wires"
    Kangjun Seo, Georgia Tech, "Density fluctuations and compressibility matrix for population or mass imbalanced Fermi-Fermi

    Yoshiro Takahashi, Kyoto University, "Quantum Degenerate Mixtures of Alkali and Alakline-Earth-Like Atoms"
    Matthias Weidemueller, University of Heidelberg,
    Matteo Zaccanti, University of Innsbruck, "Ultracold 6Li-40K Fermi mixtures with resonant interactions"
    Martin Zwierlein, MIT, "Na-K mixtures with tunable ineractions"