Wavepackets, Chaos, and Scattering:
From Chemistry to Physics and Back

Thurs - Sat. Oct 7-9 , 2010

Cambridge MA USA



Workshop Organizers:

David Tannor (Weizmann Institute),

Jan-Michael Rost (MPIPKS),

Frank Grossmann (TU-Dresden)

Steve Tomsovic (Wash. State Univ.)

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Our teacher, friend, and colleague, Prof. Rick Heller, celebratde his 65th birthday January 2011. Prof. Heller is a unique scientist with contributions of great impact in an exceptionally broad range of problems in physics and chemistry.

The workshop: Wavepackets, Chaos, and Scattering: From Chemistry to Physics and Back, honored Rick on the occasion of his birthday (actually a couple of months before to avoid the unpredictable January weather in Boston, MA). The workshop brought together world leading researchers working on the topics, condensed matter/correlated electrons, chaos/waves/semiclassics, and physical chemistry/wavepackets/spectroscopy.

Held at the Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (ITAMP) in Cambridge Ma, USA from Thursday Oct. 7 until Saturday Oct 9, 2010, many of the speakers were his former students, postdocs, and colleagues from the US and abroad.

(Background Image credit: R. Heller, Storm, Nonlinear transformations in the plane, involving random vertical and horizontal shearing have taken a benign blue-green-white simply layered initial structure and have turned it into this chaotic mix)