Non-equilibrium Dynamics and Correlations in Strongly Interacting Atomic, Optical and Solid State Systems

Co-Sponsored by the Center for Ultracold Atoms and ITAMP

January 26-28, 2009
Cambridge, Ma 02138


E. Demler
Harvard Physics

M. Lukin
ITAMP, Harvard Physics

G. Refael

A.M. Rey
JILA/Univ. of Colorado

Recent advances in atomic, molecular and optical physics, quantum information science, and condensed matt er physics have opened very promising new avenues for the study of Non-Equlibrium dynamics and correlations in strongly interacting many-body systems.

This workshop was intended to promote the exchange of ideas between the various physics communities and use cross-fertilization to explore new directions for future developments. The orientation and the physical context of the workshop will be interdisciplinary, both theoretical and experimental, and will cover different topics at the cutting edge such as quantum degenerate gases, spin systems in AMO and solid state interfaces, many body dynamics of exactly solvable models, exotic quantum phases, single-photon nonlinear optics, and disordered systems. The workshop offered a unique opportunity for all participants to hear about recent advances and emerging challenges in these interface areas.

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