Listed below are the names and, where possible, the 800 numbers of hotels and a bed and breakfast agent to assist you in getting accommodations for the upcoming Workshop.

It is important that you book a room for the workshop right away as Cambridge is a very busy area and booking early will help you get one of the cheaper bed and breakfasts. Housing is expensive in Cambridge/Boston and you may wish to get together with a friend and share a room.

The hotels are within walking distance of the Institute, the Sheraton a short walk and the other two longish walks. They all are on bus routes:

We recommend your booking through Boston Reservations/Boston Bed & Breakfast, as in most cases they can get you a room at lower cost than a direct call will get you. If you tell them you are attending a workshop at the Harvard Observatory, they will make every effort to book you at a bed and breakfast, or hotel if you wish, in close proximity. They have many comfortable accommodations in the surrounding neighborhood, and previous workshop participants have been very satisfied with their rooms.

We also strongly advise your not bringing or renting a car. There is no visitor parking at the Observatory and most on-street parking in Cambridge is designated for Cambridge residents only. Most places in Cambridge and Boston are easily accessible by public transportation.

More information can be found here about short-term and long-term living accomodations


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