Casimir Forces: Recent Developments in Experiment and Theory

November 14 - 16, 2002

Organizers: Umar Mohideen and James Babb





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Thursday Nov. 14 (Pratt Conference Room)

Session I: Temperature Dependence of the Casimir Effect
Chair: U. Mohideen

8:30 Coffee
8:45 K. Kirby: Welcome remarks,
9:00 B. Sernelius: Van der Waals and Casimir Forces: Effects of Finite Temperature and Dissipation
9:30 G. Klimchitskaya: Problems with the Thermal Casimir Force Between Real Metals
10:00 Coffee
10:30 B. Ninham: Casimir -Lifshitz: LESSONS from CHEMISTRY
11:00 D. Cole: Thermodynamic Issues Related to Casimir Forces from a Classical Physics Perspective
11:30 Informal discussion
12:00 Lunch
Session II: Experimental Realizations in the Solid State
Chair: TBD

2:00 U. Mohideen: Casimir Force Experiments Using the Atomic Force Microscope 
2:30 D. Iannuzzi: Influence of the Optical Properties of Materials in the Casimir-Lifshitz Force
3:00 G. Ruoso: Measurement of the Casimir Force Between Parallel Metallic Surfaces
3:30 Coffee
4:00 G. Carugno: Motion Induced Radiation
4:30 D. Dalvit: Dynamical Casimir Effect in 3D
5:00 C. Villarreal: Casimir Forces in Non-Homogeneous Planar and Spherical Systems

5:30 Reception

Friday Nov. 15 (Phillips Auditorium)

Session III: Quantum Field Theoretic Approaches to the Casimir Effect. I.
Chair: K. Milton

8:45 M. Bordag: On the Vacuum Energy of the Color Magnetic Vortex
9:15 S. Fulling: Systematics of the Relationship between Vacuum Energy Calculations and Heat Kernel Coefficients
9:45 N. Graham: Casimir Energies in Light of Quantum Field Theory
10:15 Coffee

Session IV: Quantum Field Theoretic Approaches to the Casimir Effect. II.
Chair: S. Fulling

10:45 K. Milton: Calculating Casimir Energies in Renormalizable Quantum Field Theory
11:15 E. Elizalde: Calculations of the Casimir Effect in Cosmology
11:45 V. Khemani: Fermion Vacuum Energy Effects on the Higgs Sector of the Electroweak Theory
12:15 Lunch

Session V: Quantum Field Theoretic Approaches to the Casimir Effect. III.
Chair: M. Bordag

2:00 M.Kardar: Path Integral Formulation for Deformed Boundaries
2:30 G. Barton: Casimir Effects for a Conducting Spherical Shell: Between C60 and the Lamb Shift
3:00 I. Brevik: Casimir effect in dielectrics: On the low-frequency contributions
3:30 Coffee

Session VI: Casimir Effects and Atoms
Chair: J. Babb

4:00 F. Shimizu: Quantum Reflection of a Neutral Atom from Solid Surface
4:30 G. Lafyatis: Measurements of Long-Range Atom-Surface Forces
5:00 J. Sucher: Higher-Order Poles in Electron-Hydrogen Scattering: Who Ordered That?
5:30 Discussion

Saturday, Nov. 16 (Phillips Auditorium)

Session VII: Shape Dependencies of the Casimir Effect
Chair: V. Mostepanenko

8:45 V. Hushwater: Survey of Repulsive Casimir Forces
9:15 S. Nussinov: New Variants and Other Results for the Casimir Effect
9:45 J. Maclay: Casimir Forces in Cavities with a Finite Plasma Frequency
10:15 Coffee

Session VIII: Long-Range Forces
Chair: L. Ford

10:30 E. Fischbach: Isotopic Dependence of the Casimir Force: Theory and Experiment
11:00 V. Mostepanenko: Constraints on Predictions of Fundamental Physics from the Recent Casimir Force Measurements
11:30 L. Ford: Focusing Vacuum Fluctuations
12:00 A. Parsegian:  e(z)
12:30 Discussion on Dark Energy and the Casimir Effect



Dr. James F. Babb
MS 14, 60 Garden St.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Prof. Gabriel Barton [Abstract]
Centre for Theoretical Physics
University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9QH, UK

Dr. Michael Bordag [Abstract]
Institute for Theoretical Physics
University of Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10
04109 Leipzig, GERMANY

Prof. Iver H Brevik [Abstract]
Division of Applied Mechanics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
N-7491 TRONDHEIM Norway

Dr. Federico Capasso
Lucent Technologies
Bell Laboratories
Room 1D-269
600 Mountain Avenue
Murray Hill, NJ 07974-0636

Dr. Giovanni Carugno [Abstract]
Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Via Marzolo,
8- 35131 Padova, Italy

Prof. Dan C. Cole [Abstract]
Department of Manufacturing and Engineering
Boston University
15 St. Mary's Street
Brookline, MA 02446

Mr. Hector M. Crocce
Physics Department
New York University
4 Washington Pl, P.O. Box 52
New York, NY 10003

Dr. Diego A. R. Dalvit [Abstract]
Theoretical Division
P.O. Box 210
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, NM 87545

Prof. Emilio Elizalde [Abstract]
Edifici Nexus, Gran Capita, 2-4
08034 Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Ephraim Fischbach [Abstract]
Physics Department
Purdue University
525 Northwestern Ave.
W. Lafayette, IN 47907-2036
Prof. Larry H. Ford [Abstract]
Physics Department
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Prof. Stephen A. Fulling [Abstract]
Mathematics Department
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3368

Prof. Noah M. Graham [Abstract]
Bicentennial Hall
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753

Dr. Velvel S. Hushwater [Abstract]
455 Grant Ave., #7
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Dr. Davide Iannuzzi [Abstract]
Lucent Technologies
Bell Laboratories Innovations
Room 7c202
600 Mountain Ave.
Murray Hill, NJ 07974

Prof. Enrico Iacopini
INFN - Sezione di Firenze
Largo E. Fermi, 2
I-50125 FIRENZE, Italy

Prof. Robert L. Jaffe
Director, Center for Theoretical Physics
6-311 MIT, 77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Prof. Mehran Kardar [Abstract]
Physics Department, Room 12-108
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Mr. Vishesh Khemani [Abstract]
6-106 Center for Theoretical Physics
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Prof. Galina L. Klimchitskaya [Abstract]
Departamento de Fisica
Universidade Federal da Paraiba,
C.P.5008, CEP 58059-970,
Joao Pessoa, Pb-Brazil

Prof. Gregory P. Lafyatis [Abstract]
Department of Physics
Ohio State University
274 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Dr. Jordan Maclay [Abstract]
Quantum Fields LLC
20918 Wildflower Lane
Richland Center, WI 53581

Prof. Kimball A. Milton [Abstract]
Department of Physics and Astronomy
440 West Brooks, Room 131
The University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK 73019-2061






Prof. Umar Mohideen
Department of Physics
University of California
Riverside, CA 92506

Prof. Vladimir M. Mostepanenko [Abstract]
Departamento de Fisica
Universidade Federal da Paraiba,
C.P. 5008, CEP 58059-970,
Joao Pessoa, Pb-Brazil

Prof. Barry W. Ninham [Abstract]
Department of Chemistry and CSGI,
University of Florence
via della Lastruccia 3, Sesto Fiorentino
50019 Florence, Italy

Prof. Shmuel Nussinov [Abstract]
Department of Physics,
School of Natural Sciences
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

[Home Institution] Tel-Aviv University
School of Physics and Astronomy
Kaplun Bldg 404
Ramat Aviv
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Dr. V. Adrian Parsegian [Abstract]
Bethesda, MD 20892-5626

Dr. Giuseppe Ruoso [Abstract]
Viale dell'Universitá, 2
35020 Legnaro, Italy

Prof. Bo E. Sernelius [Abstract]
Dept. of Physics and Measurement Technology
Linköping University
SE-581 83 Linköping, SWEDEN

Prof. Fujio Shimizu [Abstract]
University of Electro-Communications
Institute for Laser Science
Chofu-shi, 182-8585, Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Joseph Sucher [Abstract]
Department of Physics
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
Dr. Carlos Villarreal [Abstract]
Institute de Fisica
Universidad Autonoma de Mexico
Apartado Postal 20-364
Mexico, 01000, D.F.