An I T A M P Computing Primer


ITAMP has a cluster of Sun workstations that are used as desktops and computing seats. The network resides within the Center for Astrophysics giving the Institute access to state-of-the-art computing facilities and associated services (printing, email, file access, wireless connectivity, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc.).

List of ITAMP machines:
manufacturer model  number
Dell T3500 Intel W3565 quad core 3
Dell T3400 Intel Q6700 quad core 2
Sun Ultra 40 2

In addition to the above computers ITAMP has access to the Smithsonian Institution High Performance Cluster composed of a variety of nodes and containing in total 3296 CPUs.


Wireless access, read HERE

Printing: (also read HERE)
    - local (ITAMP printer): the printer queue is amplj. On a workstation to make it the default printer, add the following commands to your .cshrc file
            setenv PRINTER amplj
            setenv LPDEST amplj
        save and source the file (source .cshrc). This printer should now be available for printing using the usual lpr command.
    - double-sided printing (strongly encouraged): instead of of lpr use hprint -duplex -d amplj (postscript) or use this command from within a web browser or any other application that prints to a postscript printer.
    - tabloid and poster printing: read the very useful instructions HERE.

Email & secure POP and IMAP: read the instructions HERE  & HERE.

Secure Telnet and file transfer: Read the instructions HERE. CfA/ITAMP use the secure shell for remote access.

Computation Facility User Guide (computing resources, web, email, word processing, mathematical packages, plotting programs, etc.)

modified: May 2013