Heavy Rydberg Physics

Workshop at ITAMP

May 11-12, 2012

at ITAMP, Cambridge MA, USA




Adam Kirrander


The topic of ion-pair states and collisions has seen fascinating developments recently, including spectroscopic observations of high-n heavy Rydberg molecules, continuing developments in laboratory measurements of mutual neutralization and of ion-pair dissociation, and the promise of trapping cold long-range molecules.  In each of these examples, the underlying physics is similar, but the implications range from spectroscopy and chemical dynamics, to astrophysics and cold atom physics.

This event will be a roundtable discussion on the challenges and opportunities in this emerging field which touches upon atomic and molecular physics, spectroscopy and astrophysics

Confirmed Attendees:

F. Barry Dunning
Rober Ekey
Edward E. Eyler
Adam Kirrander
Roman Krems
Phillip Gould
Asa Larson
Jerome Loreau
Elizabeth McCormack
Seth Rittenhouse
Hossein Sadeghpour
Xavier Urbain
Wim Ubachs