X-ray Diagnostics for Astrophysical Plasmas:

Theory, Experiment, and Observation

Joint workshop sponsored by ITAMP, the CXC, the Con-X mission, and the Astro-E2 mission at NASA/Goddard

Held 2004 November 15-17
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Scientific Organizing Committee:   Randall Smith (NASA/GSFC and JHU), Jay Bookbinder (CfA), Nancy Brickhouse (CfA),
Claude Canizares (MIT), Jelle Kaastra (SRON), Tim Kallman (NASA/GSFC), Kate Kirby (CfA), Duane Liedahl (LLNL),
John Raymond (CfA), Claude Canizares, (MIT)

About the Workshop



Conference Schedule &Talks



Understanding High-Resolution X-ray Spectra from Current and Future X-ray Satellites

The meeting focused on approaches and issues in understanding X-ray emitting plasmas using high-resolution spectral diagnostics. The meeting brought ideas that have been percolating the X-ray spectroscopy community to a larger audience, especially useful in light of the imminent Astro-E2 launch. Atomic theorists, experimentalists as well as X-ray spectroscopists and experiment builders gave both invited and contributed talks; see the schedule for talk titles and viewgraphs.

A secondary goal of the conference was to increase contacts between the atomic and astrophysical community and to make both sides aware of current and imminent needs. The conference proceedings will be published through the American Institute of Physics; information for contributors can be found on the AIP website.


We gratefully acknowledge the conference sponsors: the Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, the Astro-E2 Guest Observer Facility, the Chandra X-ray Center, and the Constellation-X Mission.


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