Recent Advances on the CHIANTI Database in the X-Ray Range

Enrico Landi

Artep, Inc
Naval Research Laboratory
Code 7660
4555 Overlook Ave. S.W.
Washington, DC 20375

CHIANTI is a database of atomic data and transition rates necessary for the analysis of optically thin astrophysical plasmas. CHIANTI data have been benchmarked with observations in the EUV, UV and X-ray range. I will describe the recent improvements in the CHIANTI database and atomic models that will lead to the next version of the database. The main changes consist of

1 - Inclusion of ionization and recombination in ion fraction population
2 - New data for high-energy configurations in Fe XVII-XXIII
3 - Re-assessment of wavelengths and energy levels in the X-ray range
4 - New/improved data for the EUV and UV spectral ranges

The new version of CHIANTI has been benchmarked with SMM/FCS spectra of a solar flare, and I will present the results of this comparison.