Compton Scattering in Fluorescent Fe K Line Profiles

Agata Rozanska and Jerzy Madej

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center
Bartycka 18,
00-716 Warsaw, Poland

I plan to present recent progress in modeling of X-ray illuminated atmospheres, where radiative transfer of both:external radiation and self radiation of affected gas, is precisely computed. Also, I will describe wide variety of modeled spectra calculated by our group for
different physical parameters of gas.

In models of atmosphere in hydrostatic equilibrium the equation of transfer includes terms which represent emission of the fluorescent Fe Ka and Fe Kb lines, up-scattered on free electrons by multiple Compton scattering process. Modeled spectra exhibit distinct Compton shoulders from red side of line recently observed by Bianchi et al. 2002, Watanabe et al. 2003.