Developments in Soft X-Ray Spectral Modelling for Fusion

A D Whiteford, N R Badnell, R Barnsley, I H Coffey,
M G O'Mullane, H P Summers and K-D Zastrow

Department of Physics
University of Strathclyde
107 Rottenrow
Glasgow, G73 5DH UK

High resolution x-ray spectroscopy instrumentation currently in use in fusion and planned for ITER briefly reviewed. The main part of the talk will focus on the diagnostic analysis in magnetically confined fusion plasmas with attention drawn both to the methodology in common with that in astrophysics and to points of departure -- such as species, transport, high density and the role of neutral hydrogen. Comment is also made on the state of high quality theoretical collision data from a fusion perspective and how it can support rigorous error analysis of better spectroscopic measurements.