MIRSI Run at the IRTF 2002

MIRSI performed its first scientific observations at the NASA IRTF during the period Oct. 30 - Nov. 8, 2002. Objects that MIRSI observed in both imaging and spectroscopic modes included the Orion, W3, and NGC 7538 star forming regions; planetary nebula NGC 7027; several near-Earth asteroids; and Jupiter, Callisto, and Io. Here are some images from that run. The pixel scale is 0.27'' per pixel; the field of view of a single image is 85'' by 64''. A more detailed description of the MIRSI instrument is presented in Deutsch et al. (2002, SPIE, 4841-13) (PDF | PS).

MIRSI mounted at the IRTF focus. Photo courtesy of Ed Tedesco.

Orion region mosaic: BNKL, Trapezium, and Orion bar at 20 microns, with above detail of BNKL region at 20 microns.

Image of the planetary nebula NGC 7027 at 11.7 microns, and raw spectrum of one lobe.

Click here to view the extracted spectrum.

Mid-infrared mosaic of the W3 Main Complex star forming region.

Images of Jupiter at 8.7 microns; Jupiter, Callisto, and Io at 10.2 microns.

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